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Okay, I sent the Gleefessions an ask and they haven’t gotten back to me.

Going through their tags, though, it would seem that my anon was right. 

How are you going to be a confession blog if you refuse to post confessions because YOU like a character? That’s not the point of a confessions blog. 

Every confession they’ve posted for Marley and Jarley is talking about their sweetness and how awesome they are. I’m done. 

If you’re going to stan a character and couples, you shouldn’t do it under the guise of a confessions blog. That’s ridiculous. 


EDIT: CJ, you’re exactly right! It’s Lima Designs all over again! This fandom, man. 

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    Back when Glee was good. Oh well.
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    I remember a time that I loved Glee and had no need of the lol tags. It was a beautiful time.
  4. dharkephoenyx said: its like limadesigns all over again. How can they be a Glee blog and yet a partial to who they prefer? Makes no sense..

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